It's estimated that by 2020, the nation will face a major deficit in the field of public health and related public health jobs.

Part of that growing need is based on the nearly 100,000 government public health workers who were eligible to retire in 2012. Which is approximately one quarter of the current public health workforce.

Colorado School of Public Health saw this need and created th​e flexible Leadership and Public Health Practice program.

This MPH degree is designed for working professionals who, besides seeking the credential, are also interested in specific training in leadership for their current role or who want to adapt a leadership role in another organization.

Besides simply filling a growing demand, the online MPH Leadership and Public Health Practice degree was designed to meet other needs as well.

  • Evidence suggests that many public health workers in Colorado have no formal public health training
  • Available public health education resources are not meeting the demand in both rural and urban areas for existing public health professions
  • There is a strong need to keep up with the shift in public health interventions from an individual behavior focus to a population focus

Why Study Public Health?

With this flexible MPH degree online, you'll have the option to pursue all core MPH and concentration elective courses online, requiring only two short visits to campus to complete your Leadership and Public Health Practice program.

This program is perfect for working professionals with full-time schedules as well as those who ​live in rural areas that can't make it to campus on a regular basis.

And the face-to-face sessions allow you to meet and develop important professional relationships with Faculty and with your peers.

Colorado School of Public Health

Besides just the flexibility, you'll be studying from the only accredited public health institution in the Rocky Mountain region. Which means that your Master's degree in Public Health will be well known and respected in the industry.

This Master of Public Health distance program provides you with the professional training necessary to advance in a current position, or perhaps a coveted job requires the degree.

Many graduates pursue career options based on their practicum experience, but others elect to pursue new opportunities where they can make a difference.

Program Details

To obtain the online/hybrid Leadership and Public Health Practice MPH degree, you'll need to complete 42 credit hours.

The curriculum focuses on developing skills in the core functions of Public Health as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Core course requirements: 17 credits
  • Public Health Leadership and Management: 4 credits (held as a 1-credit course each semester for four semesters
  • Concentration electives: 8 credits
  • Additional Electives: 12 credits
  • Practicum: 2 credits (online or in the field based on Practicum Director)
  • Capstone: 2 credits

​Upon completion, you will receive a Master’s Degree in Public Health. ​​​​


Admission requirements and deadlines vary based on program. In addition, you will have different requirements depending on if you are a first time student, a transfer student, or an international student. 

Learn more about the admissions process by visiting the Colorado School of Public Health Admissions website and start your application today!

Career Outlook

Program alumni currently work in locations such as

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • World Health Organization
  • United States Navy
  • Prominent U.S. research institutions
  • Variety of local health and national agencies

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