The Information and Learning Technology program is designed to teach you the skills you need to design and facilitate online learning, elearning, and to implement technology into your classroom, library, or corporate setting. In the program, you'll experience interactive learning, hands-on projects and collaborative team work - all highly marketable skills.

Four degree emphasis options:

  • eLearning Design and Implementation
  • Instructional Design and Adult Learning
  • Digital Media for K-12 Teachers + Endorsement
  • Teacher Librarian Leadership

Take classes at your own pace as they fit your scheduling needs with outstanding faculty dedicated to your academic and professional growth.

Program Details

This is an exciting time for instructional design and technology professionals! There is a growing demand for professionals with elearning experience. The Information and Learning technologies program (ILT) will give you the skills you need to take on a number of careers - from corporate learning to K12 teaching. 

The ILT program applies adult-learning principles throughout the program. The program emphasizes interactive learning and provides you with opportunities to solve real world problems. From day one, you will begin to build an online portfolio of your work which provides you an opportunity to bring your coursework together in an attractive way for prospective employers. 

The fully online degree option allows you to fit your schedule and your lifestyle and gain new knowledge, regardless of your location.

Learn more about the ILT degree programs below: 

eLearning Design

This degree program will give you the skills you need to design and facilitate online learning opportunities for learners in higher education, K12, and corporate settings. You'll experience interactive learning, hands-on projects and collaborative team work - all highly marketable skills. You will: create web-based instructional products that incorporate multi-media and hypermedia techniques and applications; and develop important leadership and research skills. You will then create an online portfolio that exemplifies best practices in e-Learning. The entire program takes about 2 years to complete. 

Instructional Design and Adult Learning

The world of learning in adult settings is changing fast. It's not just about training and formal education anymore. It's about helping people pursue their learning goals individually and in teams. With skills you learn in the Instructional Design program option, you will create Web resources, multimedia demos, job aids, online modules - anything that helps adults learn and perform better on the job. These instructional-design skills are in high demand in corporate, healthcare, government, and higher-education settings.

Digital Media and Endorsement 

Think about how education will be different in ten or twenty years. How will children engage each other and share resources - together in class or at home online? What kinds of technology-mediated experiences will they have? This master's option in Digital Media for Teaching and Learning plus endorsement for K-12 teachers will equip you to provide leadership to your school or district - using learning technologies that are already changing how people learn.

Licensed teachers will qualify for a Colorado endorsement in Instructional Technology. Through a variety of projects and experiences, you will integrate learning technologies into your daily teaching activities and demonstrate the impact on students' achievement - and help fellow teachers do the same. 

Teacher Librarian Leadership

Teacher librarians must add value to a school and contribute directly to the school’s goals and priorities. The Teacher Librarian Leadership MA degree will prepare you with the information-technology, pedagogy, and leadership skills you need to help students and teaching colleagues succeed and adapt to the demands of today’s world of information and technology.​

Tuition and Fees

Investing in your future is a big decision. However, becoming a fully online student at CU Denver is an affordable option with discounted tuition rates for non resident, fully online students. And of course, you will save money not having to drive to campus! 

Tuition and fees are based largely on the class that you enroll in. Tuition amount assessed is determined based on which school/college is offering your class, as well as if it is an undergrad or graduate level, and finally your resident status. For more information or to view exact rates, please visit the Bursar's website.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify.

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These programs are offered fully online. Successful completion of the MA degree requires a minimum of 30 graduate semester hours. The time to completion varies, but many students finish in two years. 


Admission requirements and deadlines vary based on program. In addition, you will have different requirements depending on if you are a first time student, a transfer student, or an international student. 

Learn more about the admissions process by visiting the CU Denver admissions website and start your application today!

Career Outlook

The need for eLearning professionals is growing, not only in K12 and higher education, but in corporate settings too! Students who complete the ILT program go into a broad spectrum of work and a variety of settings including: 

  • Instructional Designer
  • eLearning Designer
  • Contern Developer
  • Technology Support Specialist
  • Professional Development Trainer
  • LMS Administrator
  • Director of Technology
  • Teacher Librarian


Courses at CU Denver are offered three times a year - fall, spring, and summer. Not all courses are available every semester. For most programs, courses last 15 weeks, plus one week for finals. This is a big commitment, but we believe the extra time you spend dedicated to your studies pays off! 

View the CU Denver academic calendar.

View the academic catalog for course information.

Faculty Spotlight


At the CU Denver, you’ll earn a degree from a top-ranked program recognized worldwide. All of our online program courses are taught by the same top-notch faculty as our in-person courses.

Meet Dr. Caron Westland. Dr. Westland believes, "learning is a trusting process. If we trust those who teach us and open ourselves to the experience, amazing transformations can occur." In her courses, Dr. Westland, "guides my students through the journey of learning utilizing critical thought and experiential practice." 

Learn more about Dr. Westland in this "I Teach Online" video, where she discusses her background and her "aha" moment that led her to teaching teachers. 

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