OSM Program

OSM (pronounced “awesome”) stands for Online Skills Mastery. The core course is designed to prepare CU Denver and CU Anschutz faculty for teaching with digital tools, with a focus on great digital pedagogy. The teaching strategies learned and practiced in OSM apply not just to online courses, but to any kind of course.

In addition to the core course, a series of self-paced “Power Hour” electives are available for faculty to refine their skills and dive deeper into individual topics covered in the core course. Participants are awarded a digital badge for completion of each course. This project is growing, so stay tuned. These courses are currently only open to CU Denver and CU Anschutz faculty and staff.​
OSM Badge

OSM Core Course

This is an 8-week facilitated course, focused on the fundamentals of online course development and delivery. The course is designed to prepare you for teaching with digital tools, with an emphasis on great online pedagogy. You will begin the development of an online course using best practices, sound pedagogy, and infusing the course with your perspective, passion, and expertise. Participants are expected to spend 2-3 hours per week completing weekly assignments, collaborating with colleagues, and learning advanced Canvas functionality. New Canvas users can expect to spend additional time learning basic Canvas functionality.​


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OSM Self-Paced Electives

Canvas Essentials Badge


In this reference guide, you will learn some of the essential functions of Canvas and how you can use Canvas not just in your online/hybrid courses, but also in your face-to-face courses. Learn how to utilize the gradebook, how to organize and manage your course files, how to upload your syllabus, and how use the assignment upload tool for student submissions.


OSM universal design


This one hour self-paced module will guide participants through ten steps you can take when designing your course to make it more accessible for all types of learners.​


Intro to Pedagogy for website


In this course, you will learn about hybrid teaching and best practices for teaching in a hybrid or blended environment. Teaching a hybrid course gives you the unique advantage of combining the best features of face-to-face instruction with online instruction.


Introducing Students


A great introduction to your course, makes for a great semester for both you and your students. In this course, you will learn some of the best practices for introducing students to your course, designing a homepage, and how to design getting started pages.


copyright basics badge


This course was designed to help you understand the concepts of copyright basics and fair use in your courses. You will learn tips and techniques for properly citing sources you found online and you will also learn about your rights when it comes to your material.


badging badge


This self-paced course teaches the fundamentals of digital badging. Badging can be used in your online courses to recognize students for their accomplishments and mastery of skills in your course.


Feedback Online


In this course, you will discover the importance of providing meaningful feedback and how feedback can transform student outcomes. You will also learn about different feedback methods and tools that you can utilize in your classroom.


Introto LTIS


In this course, you will learn about LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability) and how these external apps can impact student learning, as well as your overall online course experience. This course will also focus on some of the best student-focused and faculty-focused LTIs available and how you can install those in your course.